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Is someone responsible for your loved one's UTI?

Your loved one's stay in a Texas hospital may have been brief, but within days of returning to the nursing home, he or she began to complain of pain and discomfort. Before you knew it, the nursing home staff called an ambulance to take your parent back to the hospital, this time to fight to stay alive.

Do questions arise when you visit your elderly parent?

If you're like many adult children in Texas, you may have thoroughly researched various assisted living facilities before choosing a new full-time residence for your aging mother or father. Such situations are intensely personal, and highly emotional as well when your parent is no longer able to live independently, and the need arises for you to entrust his or her care to nursing home officials and other care professionals. Of course, you assume that all caregivers will have your parent's best interests at heart.

When mom or dad become incapacitated, you may seek a guardianship

Watching parents age and become less able to care for themselves can be difficult go through for most adults. No one wants to see their parents this way, but it happens. When it does, whether you reside in Texas or elsewhere, it may be possible for you to seek guardianship of your elderly parent -- under the right circumstances.

Advance directives -- a way to make your wishes known

There is no telling what the future holds. So, when estate planning, one must plan for every conceivable situation. This may seem to be an impossible task. While it can take time, it is something you can work through with the assistance of an estate planning attorney.

Is your elderly loved one a victim of financial exploitation?

Elderly individuals are common targets in schemes solely designed to rob them of their wealth, and your loved one may be a victim of this type of scheme. While no physical harm occurred, the mental and emotional anguish that a victim and his or her family may feel after learning of the exploitation can be overwhelming.

What rights do my elderly parents have in Texas?

In the state of Texas the law provides certain rights and protections for the elderly. If your parents are in their golden years and considering relocation to a nursing home or assisted living facility, or employing a private nurse, you may be wondering how best to protect them.

Do you think your loved one is experiencing neglect in a nursing home? Here are 4 red flags

Caring for an aging parent or grandparent is sometimes impossible on your own - so you make the tough call to place them in a nursing home, where you feel they will get the care and attention they need. You did all you could - you researched, visited nursing homes, asked the right questions and trusted your gut to find the best place for your loved one. But now, things seem off.

How to get legal guardianship of an elderly loved one

on adult children as well as the person in need of care. Whether the elder requiring care needs assistance with medical decision-making or everyday tasks, guardianship is often the most practical option for all involved. Guardianship allows a caretaker to make decisions for an elder if he or she does not have a will or power of attorney prior to becoming incapacitated.

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