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Is your elderly loved one a victim of financial exploitation?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2017 | Elder Law

Elderly individuals are common targets in schemes solely designed to rob them of their wealth, and your loved one may be a victim of this type of scheme. While no physical harm occurred, the mental and emotional anguish that a victim and his or her family may feel after learning of the exploitation can be overwhelming.

If you suspect that a loved one was a target for exploitation or believe that it is currently taking place, the time to take legal action is now. You may feel powerless, but you can defend your vulnerable family member by taking the appropriate legal steps to protect his or her best interests. The financial exploitation of elderly adults is illegal and reprehensible, but you have the power to stop it.

Signs of financial abuse and fraud

Those who mean harm to others often target elderly individuals because they are more trusting individuals. Elder abuse goes beyond physical neglect or mistreatment and also includes financial harm. Texas law demands that all instances of physical or financial abuse done to an elderly person be reported to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

To accurately determine what happened to your loved one, a thorough investigation must happen, but some of the most common types of exploitation and financial abuse suffered by older individuals include:

  • Contractors pushing unnecessary home repairs
  • Contractors or repairmen inflating prices
  • Dishonest investment schemes presented by financial experts
  • Caretakers manipulating changes to a will
  • Caretakers or others taking cash
  • Caretakers or others embezzling from accounts

Your loved one may not be able to explain what happened to his or her money, why his or her will was changed or how he or she was overcharged, but you may act on his or her behalf. It is possible to find out what happened. You can take the appropriate steps to recover what was lost and seek justice for your loved one.

The protection your family needs

In order to effectively defend the interests of your loved one, you need a strong, experienced legal ally by your side. A close knowledge of the law and an aggressive approach to elder abuse or fraud cases will benefit you as you seek justice and recovery for your family. With help, you can get back what was lost and hold the appropriate parties accountable for the abuse, fraud or exploitation of an elderly loved one.