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Have bedsores raised concerns about your loved one’s care?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | blog

Having to place a loved one in the care of others may have been one of the more difficult decisions you have had to make. Though you certainly wish you could have the time and abilities to properly care for your elderly family member, the right circumstances may simply have not existed. As a result, you made the choice to place your mom, dad or other close loved one in a nursing home facility.

You may have gone back and forth when trying to determine whether it was the right call, but in the end, you likely believed that professionals could certainly provide better care and attention to your family member’s needs than you could have on your own. However, after several visits to the facility, you may have noticed alarming concerns relating to your loved one’s condition, especially because bedsores were present.

Are bedsores common?

Unfortunately, many individuals who have trouble getting around on their own could face risks of developing bedsores. These sores usually come about due to prolonged pressure on one area of the body. Though some sores may not be preventable, regular turning, standing or other movement could help reduce that chances of bedsores forming.

Where do bedsores form?

Bedsores can show up on various areas of the body, but there are some common places that individuals may wish to check. Individuals who spend a considerable amount of time in wheelchairs may develop sores on their buttocks, spine, shoulder blades or the backs of arms and legs. Bed-ridden individuals may develop sores on their heads, hips, heels, ankles or other areas.

Are bedsores caused by negligence?

Though you may have placed your loved one in the care of others because you believed he or she would receive needed attention, you may later suspect that nursing home staff have neglected your family member. Bedsores can act as a sign of neglect, especially if staff do not take the time to regularly help bed-ridden patients turn over or help transfer wheelchair-bound individuals to other positions.

If you believe that medical negligence resulted in your loved one suffering bedsores that led to additional medical issues, such as infection, you may have cause to take legal action against the parties considered responsible. A medical malpractice claim could help you seek justice and compensation on behalf of your loved one for damages permissible under Texas state law.