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Dangerous driving behaviors could lead to single-car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Firm News

Car accidents happen in various ways. You could easily find yourself seriously injured in a crash even though you were not behind the wheel. As a passenger, you trust the person driving you to pay attention and remain a safe driver. Unfortunately, drivers do not always act as they should.

Catching a ride with friends or even calling an Uber is not unusual for most people. You have likely ridden in a vehicle many times in your life without having actual control of the car. Still, you may want to speak up if you notice the person driving carrying out dangerous behaviors.

Dangerous driving behaviors

Unfortunately, the person driving the vehicle in which you are a passenger could easily cause an accident. Even if no other vehicles are involved, the chance exists that a serious crash could take place, leaving you severely injured. Some dangerous driving behaviors that could lead to single-vehicle accidents include the following:

  • Distracted driving is a serious problem, and drivers who text, take phone calls, daydream or otherwise allow themselves to think about something other than driving put themselves, their passengers and others at risk.
  • Not wearing sunglasses may not seem dangerous, but sun glare can impair vision and lead to an accident if a driver does not attempt to block the glare with the vehicle’s sun visor or use sunglasses.
  • Hitting hazards in the roadway can also cause a number of problems. A pothole in the road ahead may not seem overly dangerous, but if a driver hits it at a high speed or the vehicle suffers damage from hitting the pothole, an accident could occur.
  • Not accommodating for weather conditions also poses a serious hazard. If a driver does not slow down on wet, snowy or icy roads, he or she could cause a crash.
  • Animals can suddenly run out into the road at almost any time, and while it may seem like instinct to swerve, that action could be more dangerous than just hitting the animal.

If you notice a friend or other driver using a cellphone, speeding or carrying out other dangerous actions, you may want to speak up for the safety of yourself and others.

After an accident

If you do find yourself involved in an accident in which you suffered injuries, you may wonder what to do. Even as a passenger in a single-vehicle accident, you may still have legal options for seeking compensation for medical bills and other damages stemming from the incident.