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Texas Long-term and Short-term Disability Attorney

The ability to support you and your family from day to day is critical —and if a disability is preventing you from working, it causes stress and hardship for you and your family. That is why you should consider working with the Law Offices of Brian H. Fant, P.C., a law office where you will be treated with skillful, personalized and committed legal representation.

The Law Offices of Brian H. Fant, P.C., is located in Dallas, Texas, and assist individuals throughout the State of Texas. Led by a lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience, our firm is dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet our clients’ needs. If you value individualized attention and knowledgeable legal advice, turn to us to assist you in these difficult times.

Denied Disability Claim? We Can Provide the Assistance You Need

Our firm often assists clients in two types of situations: those who have an individual disability policy and have been denied disability benefits, or those who have disability insurance coverage through an employer’s policy and need to file or appeal a claim under ERISA.

With any policy or plan, the language is typically detailed and difficult to interpret. It requires knowledge and experience in order to have a clear understanding of the plan language and the medical issues involved. For nearly 22 years, Mr. Fant worked in an insurance defense firm before he started his own firm. His experience working directly with insurance policies and claims, as well as his knowledge of claim procedures, will help provide the best leverage for your case.

Because the language within these policies can be complicated, it is a critical engagement with an attorney who is experienced with these claims. Having handled hundreds of claims over the years, attorney Brian H. Fant understands how to interpret the policy’s language and will:

  • Inform clients of the timelines defined within the policy
  • Ensure that the necessary documentation is gathered
  • Help explain policy definitions
  • Gather documentation needed to file the claim

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