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Did nursing home neglect lead to malnutrition in your loved one?

Placing your loved one's care in the hands of staff members at a Texas nursing home may have been a difficult decision for you. You know that some facilities can seem impersonal or possibly not provide your loved one with the care and attention he or she really needs. Still, you knew you did not have the ability to ensure your family member received proper care at home, so utilizing a nursing facility was your next best option.

At first, you may have seemed happy with the facility, its staff members, the care your loved one received and other aspects of the situation. However, more recently, you began to notice your family member's health seeming to deteriorate, and you wondered whether the staff was providing him or her with necessary assistance.

Know these 3 types of scams your parents may be vulnerable to

As your parents age, you may have taken on more of a caretaker role. They may still live on their own, but you may visit more often and watch out for them as much as you can. One issue you may need to watch for is elder fraud.

The unfortunate truth is that, as people age, they become more vulnerable to elder fraud, particularly financial exploitation. The Department of Justice has outlined some of the potential sources of fraud you may want to watch for in your efforts to protect your parents.

Dangerous driving behaviors could lead to single-car accidents

Car accidents happen in various ways. You could easily find yourself seriously injured in a crash even though you were not behind the wheel. As a passenger, you trust the person driving you to pay attention and remain a safe driver. Unfortunately, drivers do not always act as they should.

Catching a ride with friends or even calling an Uber is not unusual for most people. You have likely ridden in a vehicle many times in your life without having actual control of the car. Still, you may want to speak up if you notice the person driving carrying out dangerous behaviors.

What should you know before you have surgery?

If you are going in for surgery, it means you have a medical need, and operating may be the only way to effectively resolve the issue or mitigate the consequences. Any type of surgical procedure is a major event, and if something goes wrong, it has the potential to have devastating consequences on your life. This is why it's important to ask certain questions and prepare well for the procedure.

Your Texas doctor owes you a certain duty of care when you are preparing for surgery, during the procedure and after it's complete. Failure to provide care that meets a certain standard could result in complications for you, including the potential for additional pain and suffering, infection, prolonged hospital stays and more. If you believe that a surgical error, lack of information or poor post-operative care caused you harm, you could have grounds for a malpractice claim.

Types of financial abuse to which elderly are most susceptible

Sadly, some people will lie, cheat and/or steal in order to make money they didn't earn. They perpetrate scams, steal people's identities and more for financial gain. Even as technology and criminals become more sophisticated, some forms of financial abuse continue to work, especially on the elderly.

Anyone can unwittingly become the victim of a swindle or other financial fraud, but it is the elderly population of the country, including many here in Dallas, who end up the most susceptible to it. The last thing you want is for your aging loved one to become the victim of financial abuse. You may want to know what some of the most common types of financial abuse are in order to protect your loved one.

3 factors that could put your loved one at risk of elder fraud

Having an elderly loved one can mean that younger people need to take on a caretaker role. In many cases, elderly individuals still have the physical and mental capacity to live the majority of their daily lives without assistance. However, you may have an elderly loved one showing signs of mental decline or who is otherwise in a vulnerable state, especially to falling victim to fraudulent scams.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous parties prey on elderly people for financial gain. Elder fraud is a serious issue, and many older individuals may simply not realize when they are being told false information or when someone is impersonating an authority figure. Are you worried that your loved one has or could become a victim of elder fraud?

The challenge of pressure ulcers

After a few days lying in bed with a cold or flu, your body may start to ache, and your skin may feel sore. It may take only a few hours of getting up and moving around before you start to feel better.

Unfortunately, many elderly people in nursing homes do not have the luxury of getting themselves out of bed to move around. They may lie for days or weeks in the same position or sit in a wheelchair from morning until night. Because of this, they may develop pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores. If your loved one suffered from pressure ulcers a nursing home staff member failed to notice or treat, you may have many questions that demand answers.

Nursing homes use questionable method to prevent falls

Growing older often means losing strength and agility, sometimes to the point where it is difficult to stand or walk without assistance. Medical conditions may cause one to feel off balance, and certain medications may result in dizzy spells. Any of these or other conditions can lead to falls that may result in serious injuries.

If you have a loved one who is under the care of a Texas nursing home staff, you might expect the staff to be aware of the conditions that make your loved one susceptible to falls. What you may not realize is how some nursing homes deal with fall risks.

Watch out for these contractor scams used on seniors

Medical science now lets people live longer than at any point in recent history. This means that a large segment of the population is now over the age of 65. In fact, the average age in this country continues to rise as baby boomers become grandparents and great grandparents.

The fact that people are living longer also seems to give unscrupulous contractors a larger pool of victims. You may admire your elderly parent for maintaining his or her independence, but your parent is also vulnerable to scams perpetrated by people who would take advantage of them.

Issues to keep in mind regarding medical malpractice claims

Did you seek medical treatment in Texas only to wind up in worse condition than you were in beforehand? Do you suspect that a licensed medical worker's negligence was a direct cause of injury or illness to you or one of your loved ones? Perhaps, you believe you have grounds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against one or more people who were involved in your or your family member's care.

It is critical that you understand the basic concepts of filing a personal injury claim, which is a broader category of law under which medical malpractice falls. In short, just because something did not turn out as you'd hoped during or after medical treatment, surgery or after taking medication, etc., this doesn't necessarily mean you have grounds for filing a medical malpractice claim.

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