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Nursing home abuse: What evidence to show

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Firm News

Many people in Texas and around the country have a difficult time looking for a nursing home for their parents or grandparents. Issues might arise with the security and care that their relatives would obtain during their time there. Unfortunately, this caution comes from real-world situations where nursing home staff members abuse elderly residents. If you’re in this situation, you may wonder what type of evidence you can show to receive justice.

Photo or video documentation

Elderly citizens are much more likely than younger individuals to receive bruises from simple bumps throughout the day. However, if these bruises are continuously appearing on their body, then it’s imperative that you begin to document them. This can be done by taking weekly photos or videos of the bruises. Write down when the photos were taken and what your relatives told you about each bruise appearing on your photo or video.

Obtain medical records from nursing home

Many nursing homes across the country utilize Medicare and Medicaid for their services. If this is the case within your relative’s nursing home, you may be able to obtain their medical records. This will allow you to see if there is any over- or under- medication happening. Sometimes, nursing home staff will over-medicate a resident to keep them from making noise or speaking out on the staff’s actions.

Research nursing home complaints

If there have been any complaints made against the nursing home in the past, you may be able to obtain these legal records. Doing so might provide you with the evidence needed to prove that the facility has had a history of nursing home abuse against residents.

Collect witness statements

If there is elder abuse occurring within the nursing home, it’s likely that your relative is not the only one being affected. In this case, it is important to begin speaking with other families and residents from the home to obtain witness statements. Having a large number of witnesses may give your case more credibility.

Because accusing a nursing home of elder abuse is a very serious issue, families may want to obtain an attorney’s services as soon as possible. An attorney may provide you with further recommendations on proving your case in court.